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Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care

Lawn Dawg is a leading lawn care company that provides environmentally friendly lawn care services and tree and shrub services to NY, MA, NH, ME, and CT homeowners.

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Presentation from Lawn Dawg's founder, Jim Campanella

Jim's main goal for Lawn Dawg is developing a company focused on customer service. Watch this video to learn more about the Lawn Dawg story and mission.

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Lawn Dawg offers everything you need for a beautiful lawn regardless of its current condition. An EarthCare™ lawn provides:
A health lawn provides cooler earth.
Cooler Earth

Carbon Dioxide is a major contributor to global warming. A healthy lawn is extremely efficient at reducing carbon dioxide and converting it into oxygen. The front lawns of a block of 8 houses have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning.

A health lawn provides cleaner air.
Cleaner Air

A 2500 sq. ft. lawn provides enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four for a year. A healthy lawn reduces dust, pollen and purifies polluted air.

A health lawn provides cleaner water.
Cleaner Groundwater

A thick, healthy lawn acts as a filter to preserve and enhance the quality of surface and groundwater. It also controls soil erosion.

Top 10 Myths of Lawn Care

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