Learning Center

Lawn Weeds
ground ivy

Learn how to identify and treat lawn weeds. There are many different types of weeds and they are often hard to identify. Our helpful Lawn Weed Library provides pictures and tips on how to identify weeds. Once identified, it’s time to remove and control the weeds. Different weeds require different forms of treatment. Our library provides details on how individual weeds need to be treated.

Lawn Diseases
Slime Mold Lawn Disease

Learn to identify and treat lawn diseases. Lawns get sick just like people do. Our Lawn Disease Library will help you identify what is making your lawn sick. Learn the signs and symptoms of specific lawn diseases, what may be causing that disease in your yard, and how you should treat the disease.

Lawn Damaging Pests
Cutworm Lawn Pest

Are pests damaging your lawn? Our Lawn Damaging Pest Library provides detailed descriptions of signs of specific lawn pests along with tips on how to prevent and control them. We also provide helpful information on how to repair damage that the lawn pests may have already caused.

Outdoor Pests
outdoor pests

Learn how to control outdoor pests. Along with lawn damaging pests, there are other outdoor pests that can just be a nuisance, and then others that can actually pose a threat to your family and pets. Learn how to identify signs of outdoor pests and how to prevent them.