Common Chickweed


Scientific name: Stellaria media
Often confused with: Mouseear Chickweed, Thymeleaf Speedwell

What is Common Chickweed?

Common Chickweed is a winter annual broadleaf weed of turfgrass and a wide array of other horticultural settings.

How to Identify Common Chickweed

Mature Common Chickweed leaves are oval in shape with a pointed tip.  Leaves are opposite one another on the stems and are light green in color.  Tiny, white, daisy-like flowers with a yellow center occur throughout the season.  The plant as a whole forms a dense, prostrate mat or patch in a lawn.

How to Control Common Chickweed

For those seeds that attempt to germinate during the early spring, Common Chickweed is controlled with the use of preemergent herbicides. However, most seed germinates later in the summer, after the effectiveness of the preemergent herbicides has passed.  Once established, chickweed can be controlled with standard postemergent broadleaf weed control products.

Interesting Facts about Common Chickweed

Each Common Chickweed plant will produce an average of 50,000 seeds that are viable for longer than 10 years in the soil.  Research has shown that it takes over 3 years to deplete 50% of the seed bank in the soil and up to 18 years to deplete the soil entirely.