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Spring 2017

Our Spring 2017 Newsletter has helpful information about how to reduce mosquito breeding around your home. It also provides insight on why you should start thinking about lawn care before spring actually arrives. Did you know you shouldn’t remove lawn clippings after you mow? Read this newsletter to find out why not.

Winter 2016

This newsletter contains information on how snow affects your lawn, how to plan for spring lawn care during winter, and the overall challenge of lawn care. We also have exciting news about our new pest control brand, PestDawg, and winners of our snow blower giveaway.

Fall 2016

This newsletter begins with a message from Lawn Dawg President Jim Campanella about exciting things coming in 2017. The newsletter also contains helpful information about lawn damaging insects, managing your lawn in the fall, and the value of winterizer fertilizer.

Summer 2016

This newsletter begins with a message from Lawn Dawg President Jim Campanella about our commitment to providing great products, great service, and exceptional results. We also provide information about how lawns react to drought, the benefits of aeration and seeding, and why tick control is so important.

Spring 2016

This newsletter begins with a message from Lawn Dawg President Jim Campanella thanking customers for supporting Lawn Dawg throughout our 20 years of service. We also provide helpful information about how to care for your lawn in the spring and when to dethatch. Photos of the winners of our 2015 Snow Blower Give-a-Way are also included.

Winter 2015

As we appraoch the winter months and "off" season for Lawn Dawg, this eNewsletter begins with a message from the President rounding out the 2015 season. In addition, our Agronomist reviews some highlights from the year and we spotlight our first 3 winners in our snow blower give-a-way! We also have guest writers in this edition looking at what happens as the season concludes and what's to come with the snow on the lawns.

Fall 2015

In this edition of our fall eNewsletter with announce the start of our 5th annual Lawn Photo Contest! In addition, as fall is the best growing time of the year, we take a look at the process of core aeration and overeeding, shifting competative balances and why your neighbors' lawn may look better than yours.

Summer 2015

We kick off our Summer eNewsletter with a message from Lawn Dawg President Jim Campanella highlighting all the various organizations which Lawn Dawg donates or participates in giving back to the community. We also have several guest bloggers from the Lawn Dawg team discussing timely topics such as sprinklers & irrigation, common summer pests in the Northeast, GPS tracking devices and grubs.

Spring 2015

What a long, cold winter that was! In this newsletter, we take a long at a common question: "What does Lawn Dawg do during the winter?" In addition, we provide an outline of how to prepare your lawn mower for spring and the ever so dreaded dandelion. Lastly,we take a seriously look at safe driving by avoiding distraction and highlight our GreenCare for Troops program through Project Evergreen.

Winter 2014

Winters approaching! Our final newsletter of the year features a message from Lawn Dawg President Jim Campanella. In addition, our Agronomist and three Regional Managers also contributed articles on recognition of hard work, controlling your time, and our annual participation in the Tour de Cure. Lastly, we featured a few of the first snow blower winners from our give-a-way, congrats!

Fall 2014

Our 3rd quarter newsletter features the winners from our annual Photo Conest as well as our commitment to our customers that we live by day and and day out in all positions at the company. We also cover the topic of fall fertilization treatments and what to expect along with highlighting our annual trip to Washington, D.C. and giving back by servicing the hallowed grounds at Arlington National Cemetery.

Summer 2014

It's about that time...4th annual photo contest! Calling all Lawn Dawg customers to enter a picture of their lawn into our contest and win a prize in our Battle of the States. In addition, this newsletter covers a timely topic of heat and drought stress in the lawn and what you can expect during the summer months.

Spring 2014

Spring? Has winter even ended? Seems like winter and the colder temperatures hung around longer than usual this year! In our Spring newsletter we highlighted our new Pest Control Service - perimeter pest and all-natural mosquito control. We also outlined an article on what to expect during your first treatment of the year and information on crabgrass control. Lastly, we included highlights from our 3rd annual Lawn Specialist Training Session and our snow blower give-a-way winners!

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