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PestDawg is brought to you by Lawn Dawg. With this special offer you'll receive $50 towards any PestDawg OR Lawn Dawg Service. Simply, fill out this form and we’ll provide you with a FAST, FREE PestDawg estimate.

Sign up for PestDawg’s All-Natural Mosquito & Tick Control Program and you'll get:

  • Seven all-natural mosquito & tick control treatments from May through November
  • Highly-effective natural oils providing protection from mosquitoes & ticks around your home
  • Ingredients that are safe for your children, pets & plants
  • Allows for immediate use of your property after the treatment
  • $50 towards any PestDawg OR Lawn Dawg Service

Sign up for PestDawg’s Pest Control Program and you'll get:

  • Protectection from invasive pests such as ants, cockroaches, earwigs, spiders, and many more
  • The foundation of your home will be sprayed four times during the year
  • Timely treatments are provided for season long control
  • Guaranteed Results
  • $50 towards any PestDawg OR Lawn Dawg Service

Trust our certified professionals to protect your family and home from invasive & dangerous pests.

*This offer applies to the purchase of a full program. Not redeemable for cash.