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Winter Turfgrass Topics

Author: lawndawg | Date: Jan 29, 2016 | Category: Lawn Care, Lawn Dawg

A frequent question that we are asked is whether frost will injure lawns. The short answer is no, it won’t. But (there’s always a “but” isn’t there?) it’s a different story if a frost-covered lawn is subjected to traffic.

Lawns with frost

Author: lawndawg | Date: Dec 14, 2015 | Category: Lawn Care, Lawn Problems

There’s been a flurry of questions about frost of late so I thought I would take a moment to explore that topic from the point of view of a turfgrass manager.

What is the Best Lawn Fertilizer?

Author: lawndawg | Date: Oct 27, 2015 | Category: Lawn Care

lawn fertilizationIt happens quite often, I’ll be in a hardware store or one of the Big Box home improvement stores looking for a tool or whatnot and someone will spy the Lawn Dawg logo on my shirt. They’ll say, “Hey, can you tell me what the best fertilizer for my lawn is?” That’s fine, I like to teach people about caring for their lawns even if they’re not customers.

Sometimes, Lawns Aren’t The Answer

Author: lawndawg | Date: Sep 1, 2015 | Category: Lawn Care, Lawn Problems

Sometimes when a customer is particularly upset with the state of affairs on their lawn, I’ll get a call to go pay a visit the next time that I am at that particular branch office.  And while there are times when the lawn specialist might have done a better job of this and the homeowner could have done a better job with that, there are times when no one at all is at fault.  Sometimes the brutal truth of the matter is, that for a particular area, grass just isn’t going to grow.

What Grass Grows Where?

Author: lawndawg | Date: Aug 26, 2015 | Category: Lawn Care

brown lawn

You may be surprised to learn that of my thousands of lawn photographs this is one of my favorites.  “Why?  It’s brown!” you might say.  I’d agree.  “It’s ugly!” you might retort.  I’d disagree with that, but the reason requires explanation.


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