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Is Frost Harmful to Lawns?

Author: lawndawg | Date: Oct 18, 2016 | Category: Lawn Care, Lawn Problems

Frost in Rochester, NY Yard

Our Rochester, New York Branch Manager, Mark Zingaro, circulated a photo yesterday morning showing the first frost of the season. As it turns out, our call center fields quite a few questions about frost at this time of year. Let’s go over frost and its effects on turfgrass briefly.

All About Liming & Soil pH

Author: lawndawg | Date: Sep 2, 2016 | Category: Lawn Care

Grass Soil PH

One of the really cool things about being in the lawn care business is that you always have something to talk about at parties. Meet someone new? Think you don’t have something in common? Lawns! You can always talk about lawns! I have actually been down on my hands and knees with my nose in the thatch looking for chinch bugs on a lawn belonging to my host that I had only met minutes before (much to my wife’s horror).

Common Lawn Diseases & What They Look Like

Author: lawndawg | Date: Aug 23, 2016 | Category: Lawn Care, Lawn Problems

Part of my job as the agronomist for Lawn Dawg is not unlike those unfortunate radiologists that sit in dark rooms looking at x-rays and CAT scans in big medical centers. Customers and Lawn Specialists send me a constant stream of photographs of lawns that are in trouble in some way. “Bob, what is that?” they’ll exclaim. And usually I’ll be looking at some wild and wholly expression of Mother Nature at her colorful best. Almost all of these inquiries deal with turfgrass diseases of one kind or another, but it’s a lot more intriguing than you might at first think.

8 Essential Lawn Care Tools for New Homeowners

Author: lawndawg | Date: Jul 29, 2016 | Category: Lawn Care

If you are a new homeowner making your list of things to buy, you shouldn’t forget the all-important lawn care tools. While many homeowners hire lawn care and landscape companies to help manage tasks, there are still tools every homeowner should have on hand for the tasks they handle themselves. 

Here is a list of 8 essential lawn care tools.


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